UNC Charlotte victim takes first steps nearly 2 weeks after tragic deadly shooting

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A UNC Charlotte shooting victim who remains in the hospital is doing well, according to the university's chancellor. Mobile users, click here

On Monday, May 13, UNCC Chancellor Philip DuBois posted an update saying Drew Pescaro's girlfriend, Erin Wilson, sent a photo from the hospital over the weekend, saying Drew is on the mend. 

"We still have a little time left here in the hospital, but Drew is feeling strong, and as you can see, he is happy as ever to be a Niner!" Wilson told Dubois.


"We are as happy as ever for him to be a Niner, too. #NinerNationRises," DuBois wrote. 

Drew later posted a video to his Twitter, showing the progress he's made on day 13 of his recovery process, taking his first steps. 

Drew is the last of four injured in the shooting to remain in the hospital. Two other students, Reed Parlier and Riley Howell were killed in the shooting.  

Emily Houpt, who was released from the hospital last week, was able to walk at her graduation ceremony on Saturday. 

We're all wishing Drew well, and hoping for a speedy recovery!