UNC fan who beat death twice gets to see Tar Heels play in person for first time

Sports is a great escape for many people, and especially for Lyndsie and Rhonda Davis.
Lyndsie was born with a congenital heart disease. She had her first open hear surgery at just two months old, during which her heart stopped twice and she was declared clinically dead each time.

At 9 years old she had another open heart surgery. Then at 21, she was expected to lose her leg thanks to a femeral bypass and was told she wouldn’t walk again. 

But despite all of the challenges, Lyndsie is up and walking, all over Kansas City, following her favorite coach Roy Williams and player Luke Maye of North Carolina.

Lyndsie lives outside of Topeka, Kansas. her family are huge KU fans, dating back to the Roy Williams days.

On Thursday night, Lyndsie got to see the Tar Heels play in person for the first time and for her, it was the moment of a lifetime!