UNCC committee determining how to memorialize shooting victims opens sessions to all

April 30, 2019 is a day the UNC Charlotte community will never forget. The university's campus was rocked by gunfire when a shooter opened fire in a classroom, killing two students and injuring four others. 

"One of my frat brothers was in the room when the shooting happened and I know it had a huge impact on him, and I know it's something he will never forget and we shouldn't either," one UNCC student told FOX 46.

Since then, the school's chancellor has put together a committee of 14 people to find a way to best memoralize the victims and remember the tragedy. 

"I think it is really important and I think it can bring a lot of change to other campuses too if we kind of just stand against it and come together as a university," he said. "A statue you would be awesome. Something everyone can see. It would be awesome." 

The diverse group of committee members had their first meeting in May. It includes people from the UNCC community and the Charlotte area.

"It's important to assemble something like this and get some feedback from the rest of community and make it as inclusvie as possible," another student said. 

This week, the committe is opening the listening sessions to everyone.

"I think the school is doing a really good thing opening it up to the community because I know the day of the shooting it really impacted the lives of many, not just at the school, but the area," said another. 

The commisssion will wrap up meetings in the Fall and the University says they hope to have an initial recommendation by the end of the year.