UNCC officials say no classes will be held in Kennedy Hall

One month since a gunman opened fire at UNC Charlotte, killing two students inside a classroom, a student stopped outside the Kennedy building to pray.

UNCC officials have said classes will no longer be held in the building where a deadly shooting took place last month.

Chancellor Philip Dubois sent a letter to the Niner Nation announcing “the space where the tragedy happened will not be used for any purpose” next school year.

“There is an air of discomfort or fear to try to return to the same place where your life could have been possibility ended right there,” said Bryce Henry.


Some students think the move is a good idea and having class in that room would be a distraction.

“It can stir up a lot of emotions for people and that could become more of a distraction then the class itself,” said Zach Riggs. “Obviously we don’t want to forget that happened but we don’t want it to become the topic.”

Others say students should not fear the room.

“It’s not like they can demolish the room or forget about it,” said Henry. “It’s always going to be there.”

A commission is putting together recommendations over what to do with the classroom.

“They could make a memorial out of it but I also think that would draw a lot of traffic,” said Riggs.

The University is also organizing safety training for students and staff next school year. Plus, there is an after action report assessing how the university handled the threat and the tragedy that followed.