UNCC shooting survivor, aspiring engineer gets opportunity to work with NASCAR experts

FOX 46 is getting results for a UNC Charlotte shooting survivor. Rami Al-Ramadhan is an aspiring mechanical engineer, so we help put him in touch with some of the best in his field in NASCAR country.

Rami has seen NASCAR on TV, but Wednesday he went behind the scenes at Front Row Motorsports in Mooresville.

“All the work you do, you want to make that car go as fast on the track as possible,” said Bob Osborn of the #38 car with Front Row Motorsports.

Rami says his experience inside a racing shop is very different from the classroom.

“We just do homework and exams, so here I think it’s going to be better.”

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Rami is from Saudi Arabia and about to start his sophomore year at UNC Charlotte.

His freshman year was marked by one tragic day, April 30. Two of his classmates were killed. Rami and three other students were shot and survived the horror.

“He is a strong, smart kid,” said Obsorn.

Rami isn’t letting the gunman win. He plans to finish his engineering degree at UNCC.

“It’s cool to be able to bring him in here and show him a big piece of Motorsports that’s located in a small area of North Carolina,” said Osborn.

Rami says it’s a little early to decide what job he wants down the road, but the NASCAR world is certainly an option.

“It was really fun to be here. Thank you very much,” said Rami.

Rami is driven to succeed making a big impression on the professionals.

“Follow your dreams. Never give up, no matter what the circumstances are,” said Osborn.