UNCC shooting survivor shares story of struggle, hope

It's been almost two months since a gunman walked into a building at UNC Charlotte and started shooting.

Survivor Rami Al-Ramadhan is an inspiration. He came to the united states from Saudi Arabia and plans to stay right here in Charlotte to finish his degree. He says despite the trauma, he won't let the shooter win.

“It’s like a nightmare for me when I see it because I can remember all the events and the details,” Rami told FOX 46. “I remember I heard three shots after that I stood up and he shot me.”

He barely knew the accused shooter and doesn’t remember much about their time in class together.

“The first day of classes, I remember that I saw him sitting at the table but after that no, I don't remember anything about him.”

Police say that student, who withdrew during the semester according to UNC Charlotte, came back on the last day of classes on April 30 to his former classroom inside the Kennedy building and started firing indiscriminately. The gunman killed two students and injured Rami and three others.

“I think it was a random shooting, he just opened the door and see the first table and the second table and just started shooting us.”

Rami was shot in the stomach and grazed in the wrist. He ran outside towards a nearby building

His fellow students got him on the ground, elevated his legs and applied pressure to his wounds. He says they saved his life.

Rami had surgery to remove the bullet in his stomach and is recovering, but he knows there are some scars he can't erase.

“It hurts me a lot and there are some scenes that I cannot forget forever.”

Rami plans to get his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering. He says he's doing it for the ones who can't-- the two who were killed that day-- Riley Howell and Reed Parlier.

“They're alive for me now, Reed and Riley, because they're heroes they're not dead for me, really they're alive,” Rami said. “You know, you guys are strong, actually I guess so, we have to be strong, because we have to complete our degrees and now we have another chance to live.”

Rami says to this day he has no idea why the shooter came to his classroom, but he hopes he and his fellow survivors will get answers to that question one day.