UNCC shooting victim searches for hero who saved his life

There’s a hunt for a hero at UNC-Charlotte. One of the victims of the campus shooting is looking for a woman who helped save his life.     

“She’s definitely a hero in my eyes and probably the whole school’s,” said student Terri Smith.

Who is the mystery woman? She rushed to the aid of a student who was shot when a gunman opened fire on UNC-Charlotte’s campus on April 30, killing two students and injuring four others.

“She actually acted on her instincts and went to help a guy who was clearly in trouble,” said Smith.

“Literally life and death, so it’s pretty amazing that someone who doesn’t know the person is willing to take a stand and act like that,” said student Danielle Campbell.

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Sean DeHart was injured in the gunfire. He told UNCC’s chancellor that he ran from inside the Kennedy building, where he was shot, to the building next door, the Prospector Café.

DeHart says a young woman sitting in the area right next to the Chick-fil-A put a tourniquet on him and stopped the bleeding.

“I just hope he finds her because that would be a great story and just to thank her for all she’s done, saved his life, so that’s pretty amazing that she was able to help like that,” said Campbell.

FOX 46’s Robin Kanady with DeHart Friday. He says he and his family want to find the mystery woman and thank her for being a hero.

“For him to want to find her and thank her personally, I would love to see the reunion between those two. Oh God, I would love to see that,” said Smith.

FOX 46 hopes it happens too. If you know who the hero is, help get results and email us at newstips46@foxtv.com