UNCC student anxious about returning to campus for summer school on Monday

For junior-to-be Samantha Crain, her summer break is all but over.

"I'm not excited about class, nervous a little bit about being back on campus. I just think it will be different," said Crain.

Monday, the communications major returns back to the UNCC campus for summer school. It will be her first time back on the campus since a man opened fire in the Kennedy Building -- killing two  students and injuring four others.

 "The only thing I have thought about is how the students will be acting, They won’t be as outgoing and willing to be on campus because this happened," she said. 

Samantha refers to what happened that evening as "the incident," And despite the tragic day across campus, her feelings about safety at the school remains strong.

 "I’ve always felt safe here, that has never been a question,'" she said. 

She adds the outpouring of support her school has received since the shooting has been great to see, and being back on campus helps in the healing process.

"Coming together as a school and uniting especially like we did a few days after the incident I think that is very important for our community to heal and our school to heal," she said. 

And with Monday being a bit of a new beginning on campus, Samantha is certain everyday she will be reminded of April 30th.

"I think I will definitely think about it every time I am on campus. It did not affect me personally, but just the fact that it was in a place I love so much; in a community I love that hurts," she said.