UNCC students discuss bill that would allow concealed-carry holders guns on campus

It's a sign you can't miss as you pull into  the Charlotte campus as a bill in the statehouse could allow concealed-carry permit holders to bring their weapons onto the campuses such as UNCC

"That's not necessarily something I'm ok with," said one student.  

"It makes me feel a little uneasy," said another student.  

Others don't think it will be such a bad idea.

"I can kind of support that. I think it would be a lot safer," said a sophomore student.  

Some students think if the bill becomes a law, it would be a preventive measure for people looking to harm college campuses.  

"Like people that are going to shoot up schools and stuff like that. They aren't going to go somewhere they have resistance."

While others can see the benefit if a extreme situation happens on their campus, but they take more comfort of having less guns on school grounds.  

Seventeen states in all ban carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus including North and South Carolina.

However, if you have the weapon locked in your vehicle and secured in a closed part of the car that is allowed in both states.