UNCC students talk safety after shooting near campus

When it comes to safety, blue light phones give students at UNC Charlotte peace of mind.

"Those are pretty much I'd say every 50 yards or 100 yards max," said Luke Manuel, a junior at UNCC.

Neither Manuel nor many of his peers had ever heard of anything disconcerting happening on or off campus prior to Saturday.

"My friend that lives at U-House actually texted me about it and she just said that there was a shooting outside of the apartments and that they shouldn't worry because it was kind of like a planned thing," said Rachel Jones, also a junior. 

According to CMPD officers were called to the University House Apartments around 8:30 Saturday night after someone reported hearing gunshots. 

Jones found the news alarming but said it doesn't heighten her concerns about security, especially on campus.

"I feel like it's gotten progressively better as I've been here," said Jones. "I'm not worried too go home from the library at dark or anything."

Junior Vaishu Jawahar, however, disagreed.

"There's a system called SafeRide that operates after the busses stop operating on campus," said Jawahar. "And SafeRide is very dysfuncional."

Jawahar said the after hours transportation service often leaves students waiting alone for 20-45 minutes.

"In which time you probably could have walked back to your dorm but you were probably too scared to," said Jawahar. "Except you would've been sitting somewhere on campus waiting, which isn't safe either."

There's always room for improvement. But overall, safety on campus is of little concern.

"Every now and then you can see, you know, people walking down the street that don't really, you know they look kind of sketchy, like they're now supposed to be around here or whatever," said Manuel. "But for the most part, I think they do a good job of keeping security tight around here."

UNCC Spokeswoman Buffie Stephens told FOX 46 that because Saturday's shooting has no known connection to the university, no additional security measures will be implemented at this time. 

CMPD is still investigating the incident. They have not released any information on a suspect.