UNCC's Belk Tower a 'Potential Safety Hazard,' to be torn down

UNCC Belk Tower, courtesy UNCC

UNCC Chancellor Philip Dubois emailed the UNCC community to let them know it will tear down the university's Belk Tower. The letter says the tower has "significant structural issues" and is a potential safety hazard.

Dubois says the tower isn't an immediate threat, but as a precaution, the university will post  a construction fence to make sure people walking in the area are safe.

The Belk Tower has deteriorated due to rust, corrosion, and water penetration, and would have cost the university $1 million to repair.

The university contacted the Belk family, who provided the money to build the Belk Tower on UNCC's campus in 1970. The letter says the family supports the university's decision to tear it down. In the meantime, UNCC leaders are trying to come up with a new design for the area surrounding the tower. They have already decided it will be named Belk Plaza.

UNCC is asking for feedback on whether or not it should preserve a piece of the Belk Tower, and make it available to the university community once the tower is torn down. It's asking for all feedback by November 1, 2015.