Uneven lanes on I-77 being blamed for deadly crash, police warn

Huntersville Police say uneven pavement is blamed for a deadly motorcycle crash and other serious crashes on I-77 North near Hambright Road. The crash that turned fatal happened last Saturday night and involved several cars.

Since that crash last Saturday, several other serious motorcycle crashes have happened in the same area according to Huntersville Police. Police posted a message to social media Friday afternoon telling motorcyclists not to use the 485 ramp to I-77 north.

According to officers, 5 separate motorcycle crashes have occurred on that stretch near Hambright Road within a week.

FOX 46 hoped in the car Saturday morning to drive that section of I-77, but when we approached the ramps were closed. We saw NCDOT crews paving the road where the pavement was uneven.

A NCDOT spokesperson sent us this statement:

"The contractor was already paving in that area last weekend, and is continuing to work in that area today. We are closely monitoring their progress."

FOX 46 also drove the 485 ramp to I-77 north on November 8 for another story. During that time the lanes were uneven.

One driver told FOX 46 earlier this week he believes the lanes damaged his tire, leaving him with hundreds of dollars in repairs.

"It has been for a lack of a better word a train wreck since day 1 with that project. There have been problems the whole entire time,” said Chris Tuttle.

Fines continue to pile up for Cintra, the company that is supposed to finish the I-77 toll lane project. They are being fined $30,000 every day the project is past deadline. The total fines are now approaching $7 million.