Union Co. residents concerned over flooding

Flooding concerns in Union County has sparked dozens to take action on a newly started Facebook page.

The group Waxhaw/Wesley Chapel Flooding Concerns was started Tuesday night and gained more than 140 members within 24 hours. Many are concerned about creeks flooding throughout the area. Since November, the county has seen neighborhoods, roads and athletic fields temporarily shut down from flooding.

Even though many of these areas are near flood plains, residents say the flooding is getting worse -- more than it's ever been.

Union County is one of the fastest growing counties not just in the state, but in the country. Many in the group feel new construction of homes and roads, changing the landscape, can be diverting rain water to places it shouldn't be.

"As the land is being changed upstream from us that seems like it can be a possible reason," resident Emily Macchiavello said.

The group has put together a set of leaders and is taking in flood stories from people all across the county, but focusing on Waxhaw and Wesley Chapel. Macchiavello said they plan on taking their theory to local officials as they work to gather details.