Union County Board of Education member censured after "racially insensitive" comments

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Alleged racially insensitive remarks has one Union County Board of Education member in hot water.

The board voted unanimously to censure fellow member Dennis Rape, who allegedly made three, separate, racially insensitive remarks towards staff members during a closed door meeting back in November. 

Rape walked out of Tuesday night's meeting during a discussion, before a vote was cast.

"Racially insensitive comments have no place in Union County Public Schools. And I again renew my call for his resignation. He is unfit to serve this board," Union County Board of Education member Gary Sides said.

Three UCPS staff members came forward to the board with the allegations.

Sides said the staff members claimed Rape said, "You don't get between a black man and his pork." Adding, he made references to a Dave Chappelle comedy routine named "The Milkman" which frequently references the "N-word."

Sides said Rape is accused to trying to smooth things over with a marijuana-referenced comment, "Puff-puff-pass."

A censure is basically a public slap on the wrist, but the board is now calling for his full resignation after his flee from the meeting and refusal to admit any wrongdoing.

Rape apologized but at the same time, denies making the alleged racially-charged remarks.

The Board of Education called a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to further discuss the matter.

Board Chair Melissa Merrell said she believes Rape has no intentions of resigning.

Rape told FOX 46 Charlotte on Wednesday afternoon that he has hired an attorney and he will "reach out at a later date."