Union County commissioners vote to end to District 9 congressional race

In Union County, commissioners are formally asking the State Board of Elections to certify the ninth congressional district race now.

The resolution is just a request-- a symbolic move-- but one that commissioners wanted Raleigh to see, but it didn't come without some in the county pushing back.

“If the circumstances were reversed, we would not want, or would we allow, another county to dictate those improprieties,” said Steven Davis. He’s against the resolution. 

Davis spoke at the meeting to county commissioners. When FOX 46 spoke with him after, his reasons were made clear.

“I wanted them know that not all the residents here feel like this resolution is the way we should go.  We need to allow the facts to bear out,” Davis said. 

The resolution brought forth by commissioner Stony Rushing is just the latest story revolving around the ninth district congressional race.

Reports of ballot fraud in Bladen County have delayed an official certification on the vote for weeks.
Unofficially, Republican Mark Harris leads democrat Dan McCready by just 905 votes.

“It’s ridiculous. It's time someone said this is ridiculous,” commissioner Rushing said. 

He says the resolution is more about getting a representative in Washington.

“All our veterans, all our kids who want to go into the military that need help. There’s eight counties in the ninth district that need help,” he said.

And in reference to the fraud allegations: “If you have the smoking gun, lay it out and let's get it done,” commissioner Dennis Rape says. 

The resolution was ultimately passed with a three to one vote. Commissioner Jerry Simpson voted ‘no.’

“Though I support Mark Harris, I can't support the resolution,” Simpson said. 

“I do believe it is nothing but political grandstanding. I believe it's a show of support for Harris in Union County, which really isn't necessary,” Davis said. 

Nothing in the resolution passed Monday night really has the rule of law behind it, and the state can choose to ignore it. As it stands right now, the state elections board is set to take up the district nine issues next month.