Union County family responds to questions about grieving mother

There are many questions surrounding the mother of whose 14-month-old son was killed after being swept away by floodwaters during Florence. 

Dazia Lee started a GoFundMe account that has since been deactivated. Dazia was in the car and said she could not hold on any longer because the current was too strong. 

But some people on social media don't believe that. FOX 46 spoke with Dazia's sister and mother. 

"If she did not want her baby, why did it take for her to endanger herself as well? Why would she put herself in danger if she did not want Kaiden?" Kaila Lee, Dazia's sister said. 

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"She's trying to be strong and maintain and do what she needs to do and when all of this is gone, all the negative comments are gone and it's stuck in her head, what she's read, she's going to break down. Absolutely she's going to break down," Chianti Leak, Dazia's mother said.

Little Kaiden's funeral will take place this Saturday, Sept. 22. King Funeral Home is providing the accommodations free of charge.

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