Union County neighbors work to protect properties ahead of Florence

The countdown to Florence is on, and many Union County residents are getting ready for the worst.  

The nearly 100 units that are called tents sit on the historic pleasant grove campground just outside Waxhaw. For a week in July families stay in the tents during a religious retreat. 

“It's a special place. It's a place where a bunch of people come together and fellowship,” said Macon Griffith.  

With Florence in sight, he and his friends doing their part to protect his unit.

“Just trying to firm it up and turn the water away the best we can,” said Brad Helms.

“The water drains this way in we have hardwood floors and we just didn’t want water. a lot of the tents have concrete floors so it's not as important to keep the water out,” Griffith said. 

Sam Wallace says the way this campground is structured heavy rain is going to be a major factor. 

“Conventional rain that's two to three inches is incriminating. the water doesn't move fast enough so it has to be contained by these houses and they act as dams and they have to relieve the water in between each of them,” Wallace told FOX 46.

Now the hard part comes: the waiting game. The trio is on standby waiting to see the damage Florence will leave in her path. 

“If we can keep the wind down, the trees from going over and the power from going out I think we will be fine,” Griffith said. 

“I think we did enough to help like I say we did our best,” said Helms. 

The men worked for about three hours putting down at least 100 sandbags to protect their properties.