Union County parents asking for policy change after their son was threatened with knife

"Union County School District has failed not only our son, but Union County School District has failed all of the students in Union County," said Brandi Burke. 

Frustrated parents of a Porter Ridge 8th grader whose life was threatened by another student want the school system to make changes.

They say the student threatened to slit their child's throat, but that student only got a five day suspension after school officials found a knife in his bookbag.

They can't believe the student is back at school walking the same hallways as their son.

"I wonder if this would've been a gun would their policy be any different," said father, Cory Burke. 

"It is the time now that we need to change the policies in our handbook because the handbook to me protects the school and the bullies," said Brandi Burke. "It does not protect the students who want an education. It protects the school and bullies."

Since FOX 46's original story ran last week, the Burke's have met with school officials, reviewed video of the incident and even read several statements from other students supporting their son's story, but they say the school can't do anything more than hand out a suspension. 

"It's time for a change that's why we as parents need to come together and use our numbers to make change. We need to change for the safety of our students," said Brandi Burke. 

The Burke's have reached out to the district attorney's office and are scheduled to meet with school officials again Friday afternoon.