Union County school resource officer saves choking second grader

For eight-year-old Kevin Ramirez-VillaGomez it's a school lunch he won't soon forget.

I was eating outside and I ate a piece of chicken nugget and I kind of swallowed it," said the second grader at Porter Ridge Elementary. 

While eating outside in the courtyard with his friends, a chicken nugget got caught in his throat.

"I was kind of throwing up and I could not breathe," said Ramirez-VillaGomez.

Coughing and looking uncomfortable his second grade teacher Kelli Lowe rushed to Kevin's side to help.

Still strugging, the two headed inside towards the nurse's office. They were met  by school resource officer Tiffany Hill. Hill tried to get kevin to throw up the  chicken nugget.

"He was trying to but he got to the point where it appeared he was struggling to breathe even more and he took a big gasp and kind of fell to floor," said Deputy Hill.

That's when Deputy Hill's CPR training kicked in.

"I administered three abdomonal thurst and the chicken nugget popped out in the trash can," she said.  "My biggest concern was hurting him. I did not want to hurt him in anyway shape or form but just knowing it came out was a good day."

Deputy Hill adds although she was at the right place at the right time, she believes that Kevin would've had the same outcome if she wasn't nearby.

"I really do believe the staff at Porter Ridge would've done the same thing I did, I am really not concerned that this wouldve turned out any other way if i wasn't there," she said.