Union County teacher on 'indefinite leave' following alleged comments on VP Mike Pence

A Union County teacher under investigation after reportedly making threatening comments to a class of students saying Vice President Mike Pence should be shot is now trying to clarify her comments.

This morning on WBT Radio News Talk with Mark Garrison, he ran portions of an interview with the Cuthbertson High School English teacher. 

“Did you say anything about assassination or bullets or shooting the vice president?” Garrison asked. 

“Again, that is not a question I am going to answer right now,” the teacher said. 
“So something like that was said?” 

“I am not going to answer that question,” she said.  

On Friday, Union County Schools said district administrators are taking the allegation seriously and that the teacher was placed on indefinite leave.

LINK: Union County high school teacher reportedly told students VP Pence should be 'shot in the head'

The Union County Sheriff's Office said they passed the information along to the Secret Service to investigate. 

“I can only say I did not say those words,” the teacher told Garrison. 

An unnamed parent told Garrison about another concerning incident she heard from the school's principal that happened in the teacher's classroom. 

The parent said students play a game called ‘Question Ball,’ where students were asked to name two people who you want to be in a plane crash with when given the ball. 

She says her student told her that when the ball came to the teacher she said would want to be on the plane with two Republicans. 

The teacher apparently made an apology last week, which a student recorded. 

“What did you feel the need to apologize for?” Garrison asked. 

“For the relationship with my students so we could continue to conduct the class and make sure there was goodwill,” she said. 

Garrison also questioned the teacher about her reason for bringing the topic up in her classroom. 

“You think it's appropriate in an English class to talk about things of that nature? Violence of your opinion on politics?” he asked.  

“No, because I did not talk about violence or my opinion of politics,” she said. 

FOX 46 will continue to follow this story. Check back for updates.