Union County teacher uses creative ways to get kids involved

Whether it's dancing or using creativity to keep kids interested in the classroom, FOX 46's teacher getting results this week is a very unique educator at Antioch Elementary School in Union County.

"Mr. Tegard is an amazing teacher and an amazing human being," said Antioch Elementary School Principal Tom Childers.  "I've done this 30 years-- and to be honest,  I aspire to be more like Josh Tegard."

Joshua Tegard is a third grade educator in his third year of teaching.  He's passionate about forming connections inside the classroom.

"It's a lot more than trying to teach arithmetic and language and reading and writing," said Tegard.  "It's about getting them to realize there's so much more to life than yourself."

His motto is "lighting up the classroom with kindness."

"We're trying to give each other a compliment every week," he said.

He uses a creation called "Homeworkopoly," modeled after Monopoly.

"We do a lot of things where they're incentivized, but self regulated.  They want to do better because they're excited about what they're getting out of it."

"It's something he created on his own to motivate students to do homework at home and reward them for that here at school," said Childers.

"I give my kids money when they're behaving and I ticket them when they’re not."

It’s fake money, of course.

“He’s really nice,” said one of his students.  “I’ve never had a boy teacher and I thought I would be nervous—but he’s actually one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had.”

At the end of the year, Mr. Tegard wants his students to leave his classroom with a little more compassion.

"I really want them to have compassion for other people and build that sense of family."