Union Day changes recording policy following FOX 46 investigation

Union Day Charter School has changed its recording policy on its website following a FOX 46 investigation that called out a violation of North Carolina law.

Multiple parents were kicked out of Union Day's public school board meeting on Thursday after they tried to address school concerns during public comment.

Board Chairperson Erin Kirkpatrick told parents they were only allowed to address items on the agenda and that since the public charter school is located in a private building-- she has the authority to kick them out for any reason.

Kirkpatrick also told parents, prior to the meeting that they were not allowed to record the meeting.

"Recordings of any kind are prohibited to protect the sanctity and productivity of the meeting," Kirkpatrick said during the meeting. "Anyone violating this policy will be removed from the building and the school property immediately."

These words were also spelled out on the school's website.

FOX 46 investigated, however, and found this school rule to be illegal. It violates North Carolina General Statute Chapter 14 -- Article 33C. 

"There is no criminal sanction, but that statute allows a person to file a civil lawsuit with a range of possible sanctions," a spokesperson for the UNC School of Government told FOX 46.

Following FOX 46's report of Union Day violating this open meeting law, their policy of prohibiting recordings was taken off their website.

FOX 46 reached out to Union Day for comment on the matter and did not hear back by deadline.

More than a dozen families, former teachers and staff of Union Day have reached out to FOX 46 to discuss their concerns with the school.

For many parents, they take issue with the special needs program and feel their children aren't getting a proper education.

Union Day sent a letter to parents, apologizing for a "lack of compassion shown to parents" at the meeting, following multiple reports by FOX 46.