University Crossings fails to repair broken gates, students say they feel unsafe

UNC Charlotte students continue to feel unsafe inside their own home. We uncovered broken gates after a sexual assault and armed robbery took place in areas that should have been locked and secure.

"I've seen homeless people in the building before," said Addis Sansone, a UNC Charlotte senior.

He lives at University Crossings an apartment complex right across the street from UNC Charlotte.

Sansone says, "it's very convenient."

But location isn't everything.

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"People are breaking in. Nothing is fixed when they say they're going to fix it," said Jasmine Clifton, a junior at UNC Charlotte.

"It's been a mess. There's a lot of things that go on here and it seems like they never fix it," said UNC Charlotte junior Kaniyia Brown.

Two weeks ago a man groped a woman inside the parking deck. It's supposed to be locked, but we found a door without a lock.

We also found several broken gates letting anyone into the courtyard and hallways to students apartments.

A week and a half ago, three men got through a similar gate, kicked in a student's door, and robbed her at gunpoint.

"It seems like they would get that fixed considering all that's been going on here, but I guess it's not a priority to them," said Brown.

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We asked apartment staff why the broken gates haven't been fixed. They said they can’t comment. We asked to speak with the general manager and were told the same thing as a week and a half ago.

“She’s on a call so no.”

Too busy to respond to students worried about their safety.

"I just wouldn't suggest living here," said Clifton.