University Crossings gate, lock issues may have allowed robbery suspect entry

A UNC Charlotte student and resident of University Crossings where a woman was reportedly robbed at gunpoint inside of her apartment reached out to FOX 46's Caroline Fountain saying the security gates at the apartment complex don't lock. 

"I came across your post about University Crossings and the assault. I'm a resident there and wanted to add that our gates are broken and do not lock," he wrote in a message to FOX 46's Caroline Fountain.

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FOX 46 Charlotte got a firsthand look at the broken doors and gates around the complex. The UNC Charlotte student showed us around.

"A lot of them don't close or do not lock. Even if we have half of them locking and the other half not, even one gate that's broken gives you access to the entire property."

He says the broken gates make him feel unsafe at home.

"Especially waking up this morning and seeing the articles again about our property but this time about a much more severe situation."

He woke up to finding out his friend's apartment got broken into and that she was robbed at gunpoint.

He says the gate leading up to her apartment was broken.

Now, it looks like it's been fixed, but several others are still broken.

"I’m pretty angry because I have asked the gates to be fixed not only by management here, but by upper management in charge of several properties. Nothing was fixed and you see this happening. Now people know we're a vulnerable community. It opens the doors to more issues."

This is the second crime to happen at University Crossings this week. On Sunday, a woman was groped in the parking garage.

Police shared surveillance pictures of the man they’re looking for. You can see one of the broken gates in this surveillance picture.

"I would like to see our gates repaired and if there's a gate that is left open, that our after hours security is there to make sure it does not stay open."

We asked the general manager at University Crossings when the gates will be fixed. She has not answered our calls or email.

We will continue to work to get results for the student and others at the apartment complex.