Unlicensed contractor accused of scamming elderly man in Concord

FOX 46 Charlotte is working to get results for customers of a local contractor doing business without a license.

Benny Cartrett’s son first contacted FOX 46 because he thought someone took advantage of his dad. It started two months ago when the 79-year-old heard a knock on the door.

“He told me he had some extra asphalt on his truck and he needed to get rid of it,” Cartrett told FOX 46.

He says the guy quoted him $300 for the job, but when it came time to pay, they requested $1,800.

“I said wow that's too high. That man told me it'd be about $300, and he said, ‘that's what we charge,’” Cartrett said.

Roughly two months after Cartrett spent the money, grass sprouted from the asphalt, and now he has to mow his driveway.

The business is called JT Paving & Construction. There’s no address on the card, so we called the phone number.

Turns out, there was no written contract, making this story a “he-said-she-said” situation. After a bit of digging, however, FOX 46 discovered the business isn’t registered with the state of North Carolina.

The owner, Jack Tuttle, claims he didn’t know he needed to have his business registered, but promised to get it registered.

When it comes to Benny Cartrett, and the job for which he paid, he doesn’t think he’s going to get his money back. For now, he's stuck with the driveway he has.