UPDATE: Charlotte woman arrested on multiple charges after ‘viral racist rant'

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Source: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office

The Charlotte woman who was reportedly caught on video harassing two African-American women in a viral video has turned herself in to police near the North Carolina coast.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said Susan Westwood turned herself in to authorities in Brunswick County on Saturday on charges of misuse of 911, in addition to the four criminal summons she was issued for the incident.

The charges stem from an incident October 19.  The video, which has received millions of views since it became public, showed Westwood verbally harassing the two women, who were both sisters, who were waiting for AAA.

One of the sisters lived at the complex where the incident took place.  Westwood lived in the building next door.

In the video, Westwood makes statements accusing the two women of dealing drugs and making a reference to having a concealed weapon in her home.

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Westwood seen questioning and wanting to know why the two other women were in the parking lot outside of the apartment building. Both lived at the complex, the only difference between them-- their skin color.

“I'm in front of my home, my car is dead and I’m calling AAA and this lady is bothering me. Do you hear her?” a victim tells the dispatcher.

Westwood also called 911.  CMPD said the statements Westwood made in her five-minute-long call prompted the misuse of 911 charge.

“Folks that are trying to break into apartments,” Westwood tells police when she calls in. 

“There’s no car broken down. Nobody breaks their car down in the best part of society,” said Westwood.

Her pleas were met with shock, even from the 911 dispatcher.

“Right now, they're causing problems. They're begging for money, and we need to get them out of here…I'll pay $2,500 to get them out of here. Right now. I will,” Westwood says.

Westwood was fired from her job after the video became public.

In addition to the misuse of 911 charge, she also faced a summons on two separate charges each of simple assault and communicating threats.