UPDATE: Passenger of truck dies after being hit by truck carrying utility polls

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Belmont police identified the man killed in a crash involving two city of Belmont trucks Friday morning, no charges will be made.

47-year-old Eddie Ray was the passenger of an F-150 truck who died after a pole from another truck smashed into the F-150.

The driver of the F-150 is in the hospital with serious injuries. The accident happened at the 6100 block of Wilkinson Blvd.

The driver of a truck was carrying used utility poles, which extended off the back of the truck, according to NC Highway Patrol Sergeant John Brodhage. Both trucks were heading east bound on Wilkinson Blvd. As the truck with the poles tried to make a right turn on to Lincoln Street the poles went into the lane of travel of an F-150 pickup truck. A pole went into the passengers compartment, shattering the pole. The pole never left the bed of the truck, according to Belmont Police. The truck lost control and crossed the westbound lanes of U.S. 84 hitting a fence then it went airborne and hit a tree before coming to a rest in a yard, according to Sergeant Brodhage.

No criminal charges will be fired, according to the District Attorney's Office.

Belmont Interim Police Chief Basil Marett extended his condolences to the families of all involved.  “This was a horrible accident,” Marett said. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was touched by this unfortunate event. We appreciate the support of the North Carolina Highway Patrol in investigating this tragic accident.”