Van donated to family with special needs child

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A local family is counting their blessings and thanking you for helping them and their daughter. 

“Just knowing that for the foreseeable future that we are all set has just been incredible to even think about,” said Melissa Powell. Her family received a donated van Monday afternoon

“It’s just a lot of peace of mind. We don’t have to worry about  hardly anything now” said Brian Powell. “We have room for anything and everything we could need in this thing.”

The Powell's daughter Avonlea was born with an extra chromosome leaving her mentally and physically disabled. Her condition is so rare, only 80 percent of children diagnosed survive their first month of life.

“When we found out that she had this condition we were told that she would probably not even be born alive and here we are at four and a half years old,” said Melissa Powell

Prior to Monday the family often had to drive in two different cars, and Avonlea was in a car seat that didn’t suit her needs.

The family reached out to All Things Possible Medical Fundraising. In three months, they were able to raise the money, find a van with a ramp for when Avonlea is in a wheelchair, and deliver it to the family.

“It’s absolutely humbling that anyone would care to love us by giving. It just means the world,” said Brian Powell.

“People don’t typically have 10 to 20 thousand dollars sitting around in an account for ‘just-in-case.’ That’s why we’re here,” said Lisa Sexton, the executive director of All Things Possible Medical Fundraising

“We’re just so thankful to God every day for this incredible gift that he’s given us. We’ve learned so much about love and what it means to love. And it’s just been an amazing 4 years and this is just the biggest bonus to an already incredible life we could’ve ever asked for,” said Melissa Powell.