Veterans gather at Statesville City Council meeting in support of Gander RV flag

Veterans gathered at a Statesville City Council meeting on Monday to speak and show their support of the massive American flag flying over Gander RV. 

They're calling this issue an embarrassment and the black eye of Statesville. They continue to plead for a compromise, asking Statesville City Council to let the giant American flag fly over the interstate and outside Gander RV. 

"The size of that flag is small in comparison to the sacrifices that's been made to keep it waving," one neighbor told FOX 46. 

Decorated veterans were waving flags inside City Hall signaling to Statesville leaders they want to see change. 

"No matter what size it is, it ought to be flown," said another. 

Earlier this summer, the city of Statesville filed a lawsuit against Gander RV over the flag because its size violates city ordinance-after much back and forth city council voted down a compromise. 

"They're trying to say the flag is an advertisement or banner. It is not. It's a flag that stands for our country and it should be honored," Sonny Deal said. 

Deal proudly fought in the Vietnam War. Now he wants city council to come to a compromise with Gander RV on size of flag. 

"It what all our veterans have fought for. For all the wars of the past and the wars today," said Deal. 

Monday night's meeting was the third time veterans spoke during public comment because the flag issue was not on the agenda. They say they will continue to protest until they see change.  

"We are not going to stop until we see the resolution in writing," said Donny Bradley. 

No official plans to discuss the American flag size ordinance. Veterans say they will be out here and speak at every city council meeting until they see change.