Victim of brutal baseball bat beating details scary ordeal

Charlotte Mecklenburg police says two teens attacked a couple with metal bats, then robbed them in their south Charlotte neighborhood.

FOX 46 spoke with the husband, who has bruises over his arms and legs.  At first he thought it was a hate crime because the couple is Asian, then he realized the robbers wanted his wallet. 

"They were screaming at us and swinging the bats and started attacking us." 

A husband, who didn’t want to reveal his name, says he was badly beaten by the two young men with metal bats. 

"Me and my wife were shocked and terrified, just trying to run away, and they just chased after us,” he said. 

LINK: 15-year-old charged in baseball bat attack, robbery of 2 people in south Charlotte

The couple was out for a walk Friday night on Park South Station just a couple of blocks past their home when the attack began. 

"We were really confused. We thought they were trying to kill us.” 

The two young men cornered them with their car and started screaming in Spanish, the husband says. 

“I asked them ‘what do you want,’ and they started demanding money.”

The robbers only got away with $2 in cash, some credit cards, and a $15 gift card.

"In common sense no one will carry a lot of money nowadays." 

Unfortunately, the physical and emotional damage to the couple lingers.

"We’re in a gated community. We are supposed to be safe.”

Now the couple questions how they got in, but knows that thanks to security cameras all over the area, “they are not going to get away." 

One 15-year-old suspect is in jail and thanks to cameras police now have a license plate number, but they are not releasing that information tonight. The other suspect is still on the run.