Victim pulls gun on Monroe road rage driver, gets him arrested

A road rage incident in Monroe escalated quickly on Sunday, police are saying.

A dirt bike rider was forced off the road by a man in a sedan. The biker then caught up to the man and pulled a gun on him ordering him to pull over. Officials are saying the dirt bike was street legal and the gun owner had a concealed permit to carry the firearm.

Ronald Spicer, 58, faces criminal charges after the road rage incident, which took place near Sun Valley High School.

Officials responded to calls nearby 1300 Wesley Chapel Road around 1:30 p.m. concerning a disturbance with a firearm.

Officials say Spicer was operating a Hyundai sedan and was initially involved in a dispute with operators of two street legal dirt bikes. Approaching a stop light, the bikes entered the left lane and after the light turned green Spicer became angry, forced one of the bikers off the road, and used his vehicle to strike the other.

The rider who was forced off the roadway caught up with Spicer after he sped away and pointed a gun at him ordering him to pull over. The gun was being carried legally and with a permit.

No injuries were reported.