VIDEO: 3 elementary school students injured when gym collapses during storm

Video shows elementary school students fleeing as the wall and roof of their gymnasium comes crashing down due to a 'microburst' caused by a severe storm. 

The terrifying damage happened at Union Intermediate School in Sampson County Monday afternoon. The district released the video Tuesday, showing the roof collapse, taking down a  stage and part of a wall.

The school remained closed Wednesday due to the severity of the damage. 

Fifth-grader Chloe Brewer was one of the 21 students who were in the gym at the time, WRAL reports. She and two other students were injured when the roof and wall came down.

“We were playing basketball, and it just sounded like something exploded in there," Brewer told WRAL. "We started running, and something hit me from behind, and I fell down. And then the glass started breaking.”

All three students were treated and released from the hospital. 

The National Weather Service confirmed that the microburst, which happens when cooling air quickly sinks to the ground, created wind speeds of up to 85 mph.