VIDEO: Delivery workers chuck holiday packages onto porches in northwest Charlotte

'Tis the season when doorbell cameras catch delivery workers treating potential gifts like trash.

A postal worker was caught on a Nest Camera literally throwing a package to the doorstep on Mandy Place Court in northwest Charlotte. It's creating a concern for people who shop online.

"Someone might buy something that they really wanted and they can't just throw it like that," one woman told FOX 46. "I think that's kind of messed up."

Not far down the road, another man kicked his delivery closer to the door. The person who posted the video is calling it "lazy."

A homeowner's dog was too much of a beast for one delivery driver. He was caught on camera throwing a package right out the window of his van. 

All three of these instances were posted Wednesday in Charlotte, making some question if shopping online is the way to go.

"I mean if I would buy something online, I wouldn't want them to just toss something like it's nothing."

The holiday season is also a busy time for porch pirates. Residents should make sure they know when their packages are getting delivered.