Video shows CMPD officer repeatedly punching suspect resisting arrest

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Charlotte Mecklenburg police are detailing why one of their officers is shown on camera repeatedly punching a suspect.

The suspect appears to be resisting a CMPD officer's arrest, then punches are thrown. Neighbors at Northcross Townhomes off Griers Grove Road feel it should've been avoided.

"They could've maybe calmed him down,” one neighbor told FOX 46.

But CMPD says, prior to this, Julian Bynoe-Plaskett (also known as Bishop Byno-Plaskett) reportedly assaulted a woman. The girl's father arrived shortly afterwards and an altercation broke out. 

CMPD says they tried to handcuff the Bynoe-Plaskett for his and everyone else's safety. As the suspect continued to resist, CMPD says the officers engaged in open and closed fist strikes, which can be used to gain cooperation.

"Those are the ones that you're doing to try to get the person to release the arm,” community activist Robert Dawkins said.

Dawkins recently sent de-escalation suggestions to CMPD. He understands that sometimes strikes like this are necessary, but he feels that in general, CMPD can work more on using verbal de-escalation tactics.

"Trying to diffuse, calm down, just relax. Talking in a calming manner,” Dawkins said. 

The suspect says he wants to press charges on his girlfriend's father for attacking him. A witness says the attack did happen and the suspect didn't strike back.

After the punches, CMPD continues to attempt to handcuff Byone-Plaskett, and he swings away from their grasp, even rolling to the ground on top of an officer. CMPD says one of their own was punched and even bitten.

While neighbors say they don't want this to happen some understand the immediate intensity and potential danger of the situation.

"You never know what can happen next."

Bynoe-Plaskett was arrested and charged with assault on a female, resist, obstruct and delay, damage to property and assault on a government official.

The girlfriend's father, Roddy Claiborne, was also issued a criminal summons. 

CMPD released a full statement regarding the incident. You can read it in its entirety below:

On Wednesday, August 7, 2019, at approximately 9:40 a.m., Metro Division officers were dispatched to a domestic related call for service in the 1800 block of  Griers Grove Rd.  The reported victim stated that her boyfriend, Julian Bynoe-Plaskett, had assaulted  her.

When officers arrived on the scene, they encountered Bynoe-Plaskett, who was agitated and acting belligerent.  Officers attempted to interview Bynoe-Plaskett to determine the circumstances of what occurred and de-escalate the situation.

A short time later, Roddy Claiborne, a family member of the 911 caller (reported domestic victim) arrived on the scene.  Plaskett-Bynoe and Claiborne engaged in a verbal dispute and the situation began to escalate.  Officers repeatedly attempted to de-escalate the situation and separate the men before Bynoe-Plaskett became combative. 

Officers attempted to detain Bynoe-Plaskett for his safety and the safety of all other parties by placing him in handcuffs.  Bynoe-Plaskett refused to cooperate with officers as they attempted to detain him. Officers engaged in several open and closed fisted strikes to Bynoe-Plaskett in their attempt to gain cooperation. Bynoe-Plackett punched and bit an officer during the incident before officers were successful in handcuffing him.  Bynoe-Plaskett sustained minor abrasions during the incident and did not request medical treatment.  A CMPD officer sustained minor injuries during the incident.

Julian Bynoe-Plaskett, DOB: 10/26/1972, was arrested and charged with Assault on a Female, Resist, Obstruct and Delay, Damage to Property and Assault on a Government Official. Roddy Claiborne, was issued a criminal summons for simple assault stemming from his confrontation with Bynoe-Plaskett on the scene.

CMPD proactively launched an internal review of the incident to ensure all policies and directives were followed.  This is standard protocol anytime an officer is involved in a use of force incident. Please reference report number 20190807-0946-02.