Video shows woman at Charlotte Dog Resort grab dog by collar, slam to the floor

Cell phone video making the rounds on social media is now being investigated by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Animal Care and Control. 

The footage shows a woman at the Charlotte Dog Resort lift, carry, slam and use profanity at a dog. 

"She grabbed the dog, picked him up by his collar and slammed him down and said 'I will break your effing neck, do you understand me?' and then let him go," former employee Isabella Anzivino said to FOX 46. 

Anzivino, 20, said she uploaded the video to her Facebook last week after the incident. She said she was in the room when the video was captured. 

The woman in question is reportedly the manager of the business, according to CMPD. 

"I have watched the video about 50 times to make sure what I saw before I stepped forward and contacted the police and everything," Anzivino said. "I was very disturbed by this video. I was very upset. It's not right. No one should do that to their dog." 


Anzivino told FOX 46 the dog in the video is the manager's and is a rescue. She said in the past she's seen abuse to other people's dogs at the resort. 

"I've seen pop scoopers being thrown at the dogs, I have seen dogs kicked in the side and their face. I have seen dogs get hit very, very hard for no reason," Anzivino said. 

Anzivino said she quit her job at the dog daycare on Friday due to her boss's behavior. She said the manager told her everything was a misunderstanding. 

While the investigation takes place, Anzivino said she wants to do her part to inform other dog owners. 

"I want everyone to know where their dog is going. I feel like everyone should have the right to tour the place. I want cameras to be put in the place if the place is not shut down," she said. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said Wednesday that attempts have been made to contact the business as well as to interview the woman in the video, who is allegedly the manager. A statement has also been taken from Anzivino. 


At this point, the investigation is still active and cannot be closed until contact is made with the woman in the video, she is interviewed, and the dog shown in the video is examined by officers, CMPD said.