VIDEO: Student violently assaults teacher at Mallard Creek High School

A teacher was assaulted at Mallard Creek High School Monday.

Video obtained by FOX 46 shows the violent incident that took place inside of the high school classroom around 9:30 a.m.

"Everyone was chill, but they were acting a little bit nervous,” student Titus Cunningham said. 

In the video, kids go running as it appears the student charges at the teacher.

"This morning, a student threatened and assaulted a staff member. There were no threats made against our school, and we did not go on lockdown," school principal Jennifer Dean said in a message to parents. 

On social media, several students claim it all started with threatening material written on a binder.

In the video, the teacher, later identified as 50-year-old Peter Petroff, is seen holding what appears to be a blue notebook before the student charges him. It then appears the student grabs Petroff around the neck and forces him up against a whiteboard. 

CMS did confirm this incident happened, but say there was no threat made against the school and no lockdown put into place. They only said "students who violate the Code of Student Conduct will face disciplinary action."

For parents, seeing the video and knowing what the children heard and saw, there are different feelings.

“What I saw was a student who seemed very disturbed,” Lavondra Johnson told FOX 46. 

Johnson is the mother of a Mallard Creek student and saw the video and says the explanation she got doesn't mesh with what her child told her.

After seeing the video through, some say more needs to be done.

“I’m watching it in complete shock, fear for my daughter, fear for the students, fear for the teacher,” Johnson said.

According to CMPD, the student has been charged with assault, damage to property and communicating threats. 

No other information has been released at this time.