VIDEO: Suspect arrested after attempted ATM robbery in Rock Hill

A suspect who held a woman at gunpoint at an area ATM Tuesday evening has been arrested.

Antonio Ross was arrested at his residence Thursday afternoon. He is being held in the Rock Hill jail awaiting a bond hearing for Friday. 

According to police, Ross walked up to the driver’s side of a car while a woman was depositing her check at the Family Trust off Dave Lyle Boulevard. The report says the man pointed a gun at her and reached for the ATM cash return. When nothing came out, the woman sped away unharmed and the man shot into the air.

“It scares me. I don’t even want to go out at night anymore unless I absolutely have to,” said Esther Weiner, an account holder at Family Trust.

“It got me kind of jumpy, even though I don’t use the ATM at night, knowing that someone is out here to rob someone at the bank is really kind of scary,” said Mary Truesdale, account holder at the bank.

Cops say it’s safer to go to the ATM during the day at a place that has a lot of traffic, but if you have to go at night, keep this in mind.

“Number one, don’t go by yourself. Number two, to be aware of your surroundings. The problem is if you’re by yourself at the ATM, you’re punching in the numbers, concentrating on the screen, you’re not concentrating on your surroundings,” said Mark Bollinger, Rock Hill Police spokesperson.

Bollinger also says to avoid ATMs that have a lot of shrubbery which makes it hard to spot people approaching.

“I try and do my banking during the day where I know its light and I can see what’s going on,” said Weiner.

“I usually don’t come alone if I come at night. I usually come with a family member so I’m not by myself. But there’s not much you can do about people who do things like this. They’re looking out for everyone, seeing which ones to go after,” said Truesdale.

We spoke with the CEO of Family Trust and he said there will be no changes in security at the ATMs. We did notice though that there was a crew out there Wednesday trimming the bushes near the ATM and the entire property.

Ross is charged with attempted armed robbery, attempted murder, possession of a pistol by a person prohibited and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.