Vigil for rapper Nipsey Hussle becomes time to reflect on growing gun violence in Charlotte

Rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed days ago and on Wednesday, at a vigil here in Charlotte, not only did our community remember him, they also called for an end to the violence in our neighborhoods.

The rapper's death has hit a good portion of the African-American community hard, especially those who are young, but it wasn't only him they were remembering.

The crowd gathered before the sun went down. They all came to remember a rapper who, for them, made a difference.

"He was about his community. He was about uplifting his people— the African-American community.  Brown skin, white skin, just unifying,” one attendee said. 

But as the night went on, there was a sense this vigil wasn't just about Nipsey Hussle. In the last week or so, Charlotte has been plagued by violent shootings that have rocked the African-American community.


The CMPD shooting of Danquirs Franklin is still on the minds of many, as well as the death of Kendal Crank, an innocent bystander and mother of two, killed on her way to nursing school.

All that made this vigil that much more important to attend.

"There's fatherless children out here now. [He was] a father that was trying, a father that was around,” said Sport E. Odie, a well-known figure in Charlotte. 

The moment of remembrance was meant to drive home a point to the crowd here-- a belief that these deaths should not be in vain and that something should be done about it.

"We need to learn to get the community together to where everyone can be heard, we can be in a different place,” artist Numeral 3 said. 

While people may have came for Nipsey Hussle, money was also raised for Kendal Crank's funeral. 

"That's love, and we need to spread love to each other."

And a central message was made clear.

"Let's just stop the senseless gun violence,” Sport E. Odie said.

It’s not yet known how much money was raised for Kendal Crank's funeral, but it is one of several community initiatives that have been put in place to help, which have so far raised several thousand dollars.