Vigil held for 1-year-old killed by floodwaters in Union County

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Friday night, Dazia Lee was sobbing, mourning the loss of her one-year-old son. She's having a difficult time standing on her own two feet— she says it's been the worst week of her life. 

Dazia was driving in Union County last week with her 14-month old son Kaiden Lee-Welch. They came upon a road that was flooded out. The raging waters carried her car into trees where Dazia was rescued, but Kaiden died in the flooding.

It's a story, so heartbreaking, even the first responders who didn't know the 1-year old can't shake the loss.

"That's not something we want to go to any day of the week,” said New Salem Fire Chief John Moore.

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But, of course, for the child's family, it's the ultimate loss.

"That's the only thing that's in my mind that this isn't fair,” Lee's sister told FOX 46.

They’re coming together and holding each other close. They say it's all they can do at this difficult time.

"They have not had sleep, they won't eat," family friend Gloria Howard said.

They’re joining hands, wearing t-shirts with Kaiden's face and releasing balloons in his memory. But while this is, certainly, a time to grieve, family says they've been attacked on social media from people who say the child's mother is to blame.

"Thousands upon thousands of people," Howard said.

Officials say at some point the road they were driving along was barricaded due to the flooding, but family says it wasn't clear at all that the road was closed off by barricades, and they say a witness says the same thing.

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"She saw their car and another car on the opposite side so she thought she could go back up on that road," Howard said.

The Union County Sheriff's Office is still investigating, but no charges have been filed at this time. There's all sorts of emotion here at the family's home.

But even with painful comments across social media, they're receiving love.

"As a parent of three children we cannot even begin to know what you're going through," one comment sent to the family read.

It's easy to see that little Kaiden is missed and together, family is working to rally all the love and support it can.