Vigil held for 3-month-old killed by fallen tree in Gaston County

A vigil was held Tuesday night to remember the life of a 3-month-old boy who was killed when a tree fell on a family’s mobile home. 

FOX 46 spoke to family members who say they're hanging in there. They told us the outpouring of love and support means a lot to them and through all the tears tonight there was an overwhelming feeling of love from everyone even strangers. 

"He was just a precious baby, very precious. And it's sad that he had to lose his life this young," said Julie Davis, a family acquaintance. 

Three-month-old Kashton Kade Gill was killed when a tree crushed his family's mobile home Sunday afternoon. Neighbors called 911 and rushed to help, but he didn't survive. 

"I couldn't just imagine how it is for them because like I said every time I walk out the door it's a constant reminder, it's a constant heartache," said neighbor Alexis Hawkins. She was the one that called 911. 

The parents held each other during a candlelight vigil steps away from where their precious baby boy died. the tree still in the place they once called home. 

"I just wouldn't understand. I couldn't imagine feeling, losing a baby so young, so fresh. I just couldn't bare,” Natasha Jackson, a cousin of Kaiden's father said. 

Dozens of friends, family, neighbors even strangers came to the vigil to show support also there, first responders from the fire house that tried to save baby Gill and rescued his mom. 

"That's a warm heart, we all need warm hearts in our life because you know matter what people are going through like it's going to be that one person that you don't know that steps out and makes you feel better and it's going to be a brighter day and you can't dwell on today because tomorrow's not promised. So we just going to live in the moment and cherish us today," said Jackson. 

Words of comfort, prayers, balloons and candles celebrate the short life baby Gill lived and the impact he made on so many lives in just three short months. the parents struggling to put the pieces of their lives back together with no home and no baby.

"They're just happy to see love and see the family come together and be there for them," Jackson said. 

The family has started a go fund me page to raise money for a funeral. such a heartwrenching time for them and for this entire community.