Volunteers help "Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful" with neighborhood clean-up

From what looks like a garbage dump.

"About an inch high of glass," Drane Garvin said.

"We just pulled a rug out of here, it's crazy," Elizabeth Taylor, said.

To clean and beautiful. CMPD tells FOX 46 Charlotte this area was used often by homeless people and turned into a dumping ground.

"It was truly an absolute mess. I was driving with one of my officer one day out on patrol answering calls and he would stop in here and would talk with them, check on them, run them off and things like that and i took one look at it and said this is unacceptable," CMPD Freedom Division Captain Michelle Hummel said.

Captain Michelle Hummel got together with the Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office and Keep Mecklenburg Beautiful to get results for the community.

Over 40 people from the community came to help clean this area and now that they've put the work into it, they say they have a sense of ownership.

"It just makes me feel accomplished that i did something and i helped out and it was just a transformation, everything looked like junk yard," Taylor said.

"People hanging out around here see how good of a job we've done, i think they are less likely to leave that same mess the second time around," Micah Mahallawi said.

"We are helping the community stay clean and have a healthier lifestyle," Rebecca Pledger said.

CMPD also hopes the clean-up helps deter any criminal activity in the area.

"We're hoping that means that people are not gonna let it get back the way it was. I'm gonna call the police if I see people there, I’m gonna take the action necessary that it doesn't get back to the state it was in," Captain Hummel said.

But for many, this was a surprise lesson on team work.

"I think it's shown us the biggest impact we can have. I didn't think we realized how much we can honestly do. Two hours of work, if we get 30 people out here we can clear out this whole space," Garvin said.

“We expected it would take all day to get this place cleaned up because of the amount of trash but everyone working together to get it done, went by in no time, it looks great now," Peyton Skill said.