Volunteers needed to help clean up Lake Wylie in weekend river sweep

FOX 46 needs your help as we team up with Lake Wylie Riversweep to help clean up the waters this weekend.

More than 800 volunteers are gearing up to clean up Lake Wylie on Saturday, Oct. 5, but they’re still looking for more helping hands. 

While many people enjoy the water there are some who leave their trash.

“There’s 325 miles of shoreline along Lake Wylie,” said Neil Brennan who is co-chairing the river sweep this year.

Brennan’s passion for the water runs deep. He served in the Navy for 29 years on cruisers and destroyers. Now, he’s on a new mission.

“Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote Lake Wylie,” said Brennan.

Within a few minutes of boarding Brennan’s boat he spotted trash along the banks. Food wrappers, to pieces of floats to tires he has seen it all.

“We have seen bumpers from cars and one year we found a small refrigerator,” said Brennan.

It’s the 17th year for the cleanup and Brennan knows each piece of trash that’s picked up helps keep Lake Wylie beautiful.

“Come out and help us,” said Brennan.

Volunteers can sign up at one of nearly a dozen sites along the lake. They will receive gloves and bags to pick up the trash. Many volunteers will go by boat to pick up trash in hard to reach places.