Volunteers with free roadside assistance program help stranded drivers

Driving in icy conditions can be a challenge, but Tri-State 4x4 and Assistance, a free roadside assistance program, has been working hard to help stranded drivers throughout the area. 

"We help those in need," says David Berryhill, one of the 20 volunteers from the group, who is pulling people to safety without charging them.

"A lot of people just can't afford these wrecker bills, in inclement weather, wreckers come out to $250. A lot of people just can't do that, so they will leave their car sitting," Berryhill said. 

Jeff Anthony, found himself in a bit of a bind. His car hit an icy patch, sending him skidding to the side of the road. 

"Turning around, like I said, an hour ago this was still icy, road tilts a little bit. Just pushed me right into the ditch."

Anthony reached out to the group through their Facebook page for help. 

“How do you feel to have your car towed without having to pay?” FOX 46 Reporter Yolian Ortiz asked.

“Well I was getting ready to offer him something. I'm definitely going to pay him. That was well worth it," Anthony said. 

Berryhill says Tri-State takes donations to pay mainly for the gas but for him it's about making sure no one is without their car.

"We got 4x4s, we are out here doing it. Why not use what the car gave you," Berryhill said. 
Tri-State 4x4 and Assistance doesn't just help during bad weather. They are also willing to help anyone with car issues.