Votes not yet certified in District 9 congressional race

The path forward is unclear for Republican Mark Harris and Democrat Dan McCready. The drama continues to unfold in the district nine congressional race more than a month after election day.

The race still hasn't been certified because of voter fraud allegations.

Governor Roy Cooper just appointed a new chair for the Board of Elections who is connected to this race.

Unofficial results show Harris edged out McCready by 905 votes. The state board of elections has yet to certify the outcome due in part due to concerns about voting totals in Bladen and Robeson counties.

Those are two of the eight counties within the district. There are also allegations of fraud and irregularities involving absentee ballots.

Democrat Joshua Malcolm is the person who made the motion to not certify the results, and asked to investigate any irregularities after absentee ballots were allegedly forged in the county.

Other state democrats say there are sworn affidavits that show suspected Republican agents went to the homes of absentee voters and may have tampered with ballots.

In the affidavits, Bladen county voters say workers would collect their ballots, but not seal the envelopes or ask for a signature from the voter before leaving. As for the investigation, the board is not discussing publicly what it knows about the case.

State Republican Party Director Dallas Woodhouse told the Associated Press recently there's been no evidence made public that illegal conduct occurred.

Democrats are calling the board's decision not to certify the results the right move. The hearing for this investigation needs to take place on or before December 21.

The chair of the state Democratic party is calling for another election.