Voting is a family affair at some Fort Mill polling locations

It’s been a busy day at the polls, not only for voters, but also their kids and grandkids and this election day, they're getting an important, real-life civics lesson.

"I’ve told her it's very important to vote. You got nine years to go because she turned nine last Saturday. She has exactly nine years to do this,” Murlene White, a grandmother of two said. 

FOX 46’s Caroline Fountain asked the voters how they explain what’s happening at the polls to their young children.

"We just say that when they get older, they get to make their own choices. We explain why we're making our choices right now. When they get older, we hope they do the same thing hopefully," said mom Jennifer McCluskey.

They're casting their ballot at Church of Christ off Gold Hill Rd. in Fort Mill-- a busy spot that houses two separate precincts, Steele Creek and Fort Mill number six.

The long line at the polls demanded a bit of patience from voters, but it was all worth it for this mom and grandma.

"I think it's really important to vote for people who are going to do things to help education and help things in Fort Mill and vote for the good guys," said McCluskey.

Polls are open until 7:00 p.m. tonight. 

"This is our right and we need to put people in that we want in, or at least try anyway,” White said.