Warrant: Nail salon workers arrested for human trafficking used tools to stab victim

Two nail salon employees, charged with human trafficking, used unnamed "tools" to stab a manicurist at the shop causing "extreme" scarring, according to court records. 

Thien Luong, an esthetician and Nip Tsi, a manicurist, both worked at the Luxury Nail Salon in Davidson. They are accused of stabbing the alleged victim, a co-worker, causing "severe bruising to her entire body along with permanent scars," according to the arrest warrants. As a result, the woman sustained "an extreme amount of scarring," court records show. 

"That's shocking," said Nip Tsi's neighbor Simeon Cloutier, who found about the arrest from FOX 46. "I wouldn't have thought a neighbor right down the street. Not something that would cross my mind."

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A woman who answered the door at an address listed for Tsi did not speak English. She made a call to another woman and gave the phone to reporter Matt Grant. That woman said the family had no comment and told Grant to leave, which he did. 

FOX 46 was unable to reach the alleged victim. Across the street from her home a neighbor said she was in disbelief.

"It's very shocking to hear that it's right in your backdoor where somebody's being trafficked, human trafficking," said Rhonda Hatley, "I mean that's sad. It really is."

Records show Tsi and Luong have active licenses with the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. 

The duo was released from the Mecklenburg County Jail on $52,500 bond. Both are due back in court on July 18.