Warrior Jace continues to undergo radiation, battle aggressive brain tumor

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Jace Thompson, a courageous boy from Cornelius who is battling a rare and aggressive brain tumor, completed day seven of 18 radiation doses this week. 

It continues to be a long, tough road for the Thompson family. Parents, Captain Jennifer Thompson and NC State Highway Patrol Sergeant Eric Thompson, have been with their son every step of the way during countless trips to the hospital. 

"Jace has started “smiling” a little more. We know he’s smiling. Today, Jace was able to slightly squeeze the doctors hand with his left hand. He was also able to push the doctor back with his left leg. A little bit but he still did it. He worked hard, VERY hard to do both. We saw it on his face. I stand in awe of him everyday," Jace's mother, Jennifer, wrote on Warrior Jace's Facebook page

5-year-old Jace began another round of intense radiation this August in an attempt to kill his brain tumor. It's not his first time undergoing radiation treatment.

The little boy entered radiation treatment earlier this year in January 2018. 

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"Week one of intense radiation is OVER!! We were told going through radiation for a second time is very hard on the body. It’s true. Bless his heart! Plus, Jace is not only receiving radiation on the tumor he is getting some on other areas of his brain. This stupid c-word is evil and relentless. But our God isn’t," Jennifer wrote on August 24. 

Jace and his family are in Arlington, Virginia as they continue to undergo and seek treatment.