Washed-Out Road Strands Neighborhood in Kings Mountain

A neighborhood in Kings Mountain is now cut off after flooding caused a hole in the road Wednesday. Emergency officials say water in Beason Creek got so high it washed out a culvert pipe that runs underneath Brookforest Drive, causing the road to collapse, which left eight families stranded.

Now that the water has receded, there are two bridges neighbors can walk across, but they can't get their cars out of the community.

Some of the neighbors were trapped inside their homes overnight Wednesday because the waters were so high. And some of the residents had already gone out, and then they couldn’t get back in to their homes and their families.

Brian Edmonson said, “My wife was here. She was here by herself and for her, she felt stranded, and we were at the end of the driveway, couldn’t get to her.”

Colby Brown was affected by the flooding. He explained the problems the washed-out road is still causing. Brown said, “Basic grocery runs, getting back to work. If emergency services need to get in here, they can’t get in here now.”

Neighbors are already cleaning up the mess, and they expect to start repairs on Monday. It's a private drive, and that means the people living on the road are responsible for fixing it.