WATCH: Black swan 'Ginny' welcomes arrival of cygnets

Photo: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue 

A black swan welcomed the arrival of her cygnets at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail. 

Guinevere, or "Ginny" for short, came to Carolina Waterfowl Recue from a hoarder. At her former home she wasn't sure if she was going to have food or safety. Her companions were killed and she was alone, according to volunteers with CWR.

“We drove a long ways from the rescue to bring her back to safety. We were so thrilled to give her a better life,” CWR said.

Ginny was pared with three other black swans after being alone for many years. Members of CWR said they were dismayed after the three swans starting bullying and rejecting her.

CWR said a few months later, Ginny started building a nest in their barn area. Volunteers thought it was really cute that she was building a little straw nest to snuggle down in.

Eventually she laid an egg.

“She had been lonely for so long and she so enjoyed the egg,” CWR said. “We usually remove all the eggs every day but we didn't see the harm in letting her keep it. It's our policy to not allow animals to breed but she is the only swan in the aviary so what's the harm? It couldn't be fertile.”

It seemed Ginny finally had a purpose and something to keep her happy.

“I was gone over the holidays to visit my daughter who was coming home from overseas in the military. When I returned we decided to check the eggs because at this point they would be starting to get rotten and we would have to remove them. I was surprised to find out that they were not rotten, so we went into candle them. Lo and behold there were babies inside,” a member with CWR said.

Watch the cygnets hatch LIVE on Facebook:

“In my best "Jeff Golblum" voice all I could think was "life finds a way" and that scene from Jurassic park where female dinosaurs learned to make babies. It's not possible for sperm to be stored that long, so was she asking to be let out and coming back? The male swan hated her and chased her away. It's a mystery!” CWR said. 

Ginny’s cygnets are due Wednesday, January 31. They will be the first swans born at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.