WATCH: High school football coach proposes to choir teacher during winter concert

Holiday proposals are always special, but what happened at a Maryland high school's winter concert Thursday night is giving us all the feels.

Seneca Valley High School choral music teacher Michelle Searle was on stage with her choir at the concert, where it's a tradition every year to bring alumni up to sing "Hallelujah".

After the song was over, one of the alums who was there tells FOX 5 a student spoke up and said he wanted to dedicate a song to a special someone, and the student started singing Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight." 

About halfway through the song, there was a spotlight in the audience-- and it was shining right on Searle's longtime boyfriend, Fred Kim, who also happens to be Seneca Valley High School's head football coach.

That's when Kim took over the singing, and made his way up on stage to sing in front of his stunned girlfriend-- and from there, it's all caught on video.